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Readout flickers with motor running (glass scales)
I have 13 different glass scales that are not mounted on my machines. I tried messing with each of them (including removing the metallic shroud and wrapping it around 1HP 3-phase motor on three different VFDs (two AlenBradleys and one cheap Chinese VFD). I can't reproduce this. Even in the worst case scenario I see only small ripple on the scope.

This sort of flickering can happen only if bot lines (A and B) have pulses that can be interpreted by the decoder. Noise on a single line would flicker up and down by 1 micron. The ripple would need to be over 1V at least. I didn't think about mechanical vibrations until Jimy mentioned the dampers. The scale is awfully close to the motor but this is a surface grinder, so I'd imaging vibrations would be pretty low. If it's not a lot of work, can you try removing the scale and see if there is any drift when't it sitting on the chuck, for example, when you turn on the motor?


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RE: Readout flickers with motor running (glass scales) - by Yuriy - 08-02-2021, 10:09 PM

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