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Readout flickers with motor running (glass scales)
It doesn't seem to drift. The flicker starts wn the motor is about halfway spooled up, and gets worse until it reaches full speed. I'm using the latest glass scale adapter, purchased a month or 2 ago.

I suppose it could just be a faulty scale. I tried running a wire from a mounting pad on the adapter, to the machine, thinking maybe it was a ground issue, and noticed the adapter shut off when I touched the wire to the machine. Somehow I was getting 5v between that wire and the machine frame. I troubleshot this to a tiny solder bridge under the tiny ribbon cable in the read head itself. I removed the solder bridge, and that fixed the weird voltage/grounding issue, but the flicker persists.

I'm at work, I'll post pictures and a video when I get home in the morning.
YouTube: FnA-Wright Engineering

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RE: Readout flickers with motor running (glass scales) - by MidniteMachinist - 07-27-2021, 01:50 AM

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