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Optimum MR000 Read Heads
Are you able to get the output lines to specifically stay at or near 0V and 5V when you move the scales? If the output is quadrature, you should be able to move the scale so each of the output lines reads "low" or "high". If you can get readings inbetween (i.e. you move it a bit and it reads 5v, then 3V, then 1V, etc), the output is not quadrature. Otherwise TouchDRO should read them. There is nothing magic about magnetic scales. The adapter doesn't care where the signal is coming from, as long as it's 5V quadrature output. I test the boards by plugging in four Arduino Nano boards that simulate the signal, for example.
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have you read the following thread?

Sadly, exactly the same behavior on my Readheads, not surprinsingly because its the same Optimum device....*g

There ist only a few mV amplitude, no 0v or 5v. 

The discussed solution sounds not really trivial. 

I have found Optimum Active Read Heads with DB9 Connector for the DPA21, probably with the needed output, but they will charge for 3 Read Heads 750,-EUR here.

That is ridiculous, so the question if other brands Read Heads are known to work.


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