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help loading version 2.4 firmware
i have found myself up a blind alley and need some advice or help! i am try to update my 430 board from the initial firmware years ago and when it try to flash the file in the command window it aborts after validating triggers.
i am saving the new firmware as a normal firmware file with 2.4 in the title is that correct , ca any one help?
Can you provide more details?
I.e. what command are you running, what OS, programmer hardware, etc.
Thank you
hi yuri, windows 10, following the procedure advocated by brian as it newer, copied the file from firmware download of the ti_txt file for 2.4, and labelled it as per the file copied into the loader .bat file character by character they are identical.
put all the lot into ti folder and opened the flash programmer, command page comes up as finished, last line press enter to continue, then closes and returns to os system. i know it not flashed as the board has the original 3 wires into the clock and it still works when i replace the board on the mill, i was expecting to have to rewire board to 3 seperate clock lines as the later firmware requirements.
not good at expressing myself and apologise at my ignorance rgards roger

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