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ac power adapter
I just purchased the new touchdro for Igaging  and was wondering if someone could recommend a ac adapter to use with it . i looking for a name and model of one to purchase that will work with the touchdro adapter.
If you got a pre-made board, you can use any Micro-USB phone charger.
Im found a samsung phone charger today. When I plugged it in to my new premade board it over heats and doesnt connect to the galaxy tablet. Is this a problerm with the new board or did I do something wrong?
Did you plug it into the power input or one of the scale inputs?
I plugged it in the right spot but it connects for a second and then disconnects. The case gets hot above the plug in outlet. I think something isnt right
What happens if you do not have the scales attached to the board when you power it up? If it is ok, then plug in the scales one at a time and see if any single scale (or combination of scales) causes it to heats up.
I tried disconnecting the xyz axis and and it still overheats and doesnt connect. I think Im sunk
Where are you located? I.e. is sending a board to me an option?
Yurly Im located in Pennsylvania. Sending the board would be no problem. Thanks for considering this.
Could you send me an address to send the board to you.
Thanks again

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