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Easson GS-11 to SENC 150
First post here
I have an Acu-rite G2 CNC controller, and I am trying to interface an Easson GS-11.  Mainly for cost savings. The SENC is over $1100, the Easson is $230.  Since I'm green I don't fully understand the differences in the scale output.  Both do TTY and have 1 micron resolution, but the Senc has A-, B-, and R-.  The Easson does not.  I'm just trying to get my machines up and running, and save my company some cash. I'm new to DRO's, but not to Machining or electronics. Any help is greatly appreciated.
This is for the Easson
I will attach a diagram for the SENC as soon as I figure out how to.
Sorry folks, had to fix the file size.
This is for the SENC 150
Just hook up the connections that match and try it, I have scales that output underline A and B but they work on TouchDRO without being connected. Or get an RS-422 to TTL converter and take the Easson RS-422 which has the required outputs and convert to TTL for the Senc.

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