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BT Data protocol ..?
I have searched the web site & forum without seeing any mention of the board-to-app comms protocol. I suspect this implies it isn't available.

But I thought I'd ask anyway...

I use a TouchDRO board and the app on my small manual mill. I am thinking of semi-automating the X and potentially the Y axies. To this end it would be useful to get position feedback, accounting for wear in the leadscrew(s). Making use of the scales already on the machine, would seem to be a reasonable approach to do this.

To this end, would you (Yuriy) consider open sourceing the board-to-app comms protocol?


Less than 1 minute ago
Here it is:
Errata: I since added "p" for probe, "t" for tach, "v" for version marker, and "m" for messages.

One thing to keep in mind is that the board adds a decent amount of lag since it refreshes the position between 10 and 25 times per second (depending on the firmware version). This is not an issue for a human, but it will completely mess up your PID loop. Unless you are planning to use very slow moves, you will need to do the position feedback and PID loop in hardware, so it can be as real-time as possible. This is why closed-loop CNC controllers (Linux CNC, Mach 4, etc.) use dedicated hardware.

Thank you!.

Also, re the lag you mention. I don't think this will be too much of an issue. I'm planning more of an electronically controlled powered system, rather than true CNC.

And thank you also for TouchDRO as a whole!!
link above didn't work, so for anyone looking for article

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