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Sleep Mode
Does the module have a sleep mode.  There is no on/off switch.  Do I leave it plugged in and running with my screen turned off.  I recently left mine plugged in for a couple of months with no use.  When I tried to get it to come back on I could not get it to connect.  After fooling with it for awhile it finally connected.  Then the scales would not scroll.  More fooling then they finally connected, and I was up and running.  If it has a sleep mode, when does it go to sleep and how do you wake it up.   Should I leave it plugged in when I am  not going to use it?

Thanks, Bob
There is no separate sleep mode. The processor runs in low power mode most of the time, and wakes up only when there is scale data to be sent. I desidned these to be left plugged in 24/7. If you're not going to use the DRO for a long time, you can always unplug it from the power.
I'm not sure why it would require "fooling" to reconnect, though. I leave mine plugged in for years (literally) and never had any issues, so there could be something suspicious going on with your unit.

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