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Choosing a scale with high measurement and moving speed
Hello everybody! 
I am building my pneumatic test bench and I need a scale for it. The technical task mainly consists in ensuring high moving and measurement speed. I need 100 or more measurements per second, and speed of the order of 0.5 meters per second or more. 
At first, I used an electronic Matrix caliper and a Shahe scale, connected them to Arduino, but I was mistaken, they cannot take more than 9 measurements per second. Unfortunately, at that time I did’nt know about this wonderful site. 
Now I cannot select between Shumatech capacitive scale with external clock generator and an optical scale from Aliexpress or Ebay. Could you advise me which is better to choose? Where can I find quadrature optical scale, and will it be worse to use sine/cosine ones with comparator circuit? It seems there's no cheap quadrature scales on Ali or Ebay.
There are also a lot of questions about connection. Which option will be better for my case for optical scale - MSP430 or LS7166? 
Additional Information: 
1) - an example of a pneumatic test bench, an analogue of which I am currently building;
2) - optical scale connection via LS7166.
Glass scales 5u, yuriys new glass scale board.
Fastest your are going to get.

Amazon or ebay

150mm for around $50  the longer the higher price.
Thank you for your reply!
There was also an idea to use two scales in antiphase to double the measurement speed, but I guess it wouldn't work because of frequency jitter since there's no quartz oscillator in scales.
Yuriy mentioned that Ditron scales are always quadrature. I found so-called "Ditron Official Store" on Aliexpress and asked about it. They said that there's only sine scales on sale. Are there any problems with these chinese optical scales?
I'd be grateful if you send me direct link on ebay or amazon where I can buy high-quality optical scale (probably in private messages to avoid violation of rules).
Delos glass scales are full quadrature with A B and reverse A B.

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