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Budget tablet recommendations
Can anyone recommend a budget tablet that works well with this application? I’m hoping to not have to buy a Samsung tablet. I know some of the really cheap Android tablets can be really sketchy. Anyone able to get a fire tablet to work side loading the app or replacing the OS with generic Android?

Thanks for your time.
Hi Scorn,

I'm happily using a Fire 10 (7th edition) - if I recall you will need to install the Play Store to access the TouchDRO app (the instructions on how to load Play Store are easy to find online).

Cool, I think I have one just laying around. I’ll try that once I get everything assembled. Thanks for your help.
I purchased a Fire 8" when it was on sale for $50. Works perfect.

When you are ready google sideloading play store from the Fire, the site I used had links to all the files needed so it was easy to follow instructions and click on needed files.

I needed a mount and found the RAM Tab-Tite Holder for Small Tablets Fits Kindle Fire iPad mini Nexus 7 with the RAM Double 1.5" Ball Mount with Round and Rectangular Plates - RAM-101U-225.

The holder fit the 8" Fire perfectly and the mount is very study. No movement on the Fire when touching the screen.

I thought I had an old Fire 8 HD, but my 7 year old informed me she uses both the old and new tablets. Lol
I found a Amazon warehouse one for $20 that I’m going to use. I bought the diy kit to build with Shahe scales. I also sourced the components to build one myself for the fun and understanding of it. (I used to repair electronics) Little machine shop finally got some machines in and I ordered a 5100 lathe last night so I should be set soon. I know it’s a small lathe but I’m a novice machinist so it’s at least a start.

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