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Arduino firmware
Can someone deliver me the arduino sketch for the touchDRO app pls.
I noticed that it is not available in the download section anymore, but since my "DIY quadrature encoder for less than 50€" project is based on arduino and it is finally  taking shape I have to re-write it and an example would come in handy.

I allready have done this once but I lost it with new pc...

Thx in advance.

Yuriy doesn't support arduino based interfaces anymore. But it's not a lost cause - This chap has done a great job of updating the sketch to include all of the current functionality on the MSP based units.

I'm running the latest version (5.11) on my lathe and mill DROs and it works great.


voilà la version 5.1 arduino


.zip (Size: 8.79 KB / Downloads: 47)
Very pleased with the TouchDRO using the 5.11 sketch as posted here! Thank you so much as I feared my project dead without support. All is good so far with all three scales working perfectly. The HC-06 connects 100 percent.
Now.... tach and touch probe......
I presume the digital inputs are capable to 5v? So the tach would be a 5v pulse?
The touch probe would also be 5v on contact? Where does it appear on the app?

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