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LED shines when off.
What you are seeing is not a build issue. Shahe scales, unlike iGaging, provide their own clock, so when they are powered by a battery, they are basically sending the position to the MSP430 microcontroller. Since the microcontroller uses very little current, the current that it gets via the clock lines is enough to power it up. This is not an issue with iGaging scales, because the MCU won't be sending clock signal when powered by the battery.
If you want to power the board from a battery long-term, you can replace the series resistor for the heartbeat LED with a larger value, or just remove it altogether. As it's set up right now, the LED might consume around 10-13 mA when powered via the on-board regulator; I doubt the scales can source that much current, so it's probably significantly less.

Regarding the other issue, it's likely caused by line glitches (i.e. the firmware gets a random pulse and mistakes it as data. I'm working on adding a digital filter that will "ignore" outliner data, but that is still in "work in progress".

Thank you

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