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LED shines when off.

I have today completed the installation on my mill of my touch DRO.  I'm very pleased with it, thank you for making it available.

However I have a couple of questions.  I have built it with battery backup as described elsewhere on this site but I noticed when it is turned off and relying on the battery backup there is an LED on the MSP430 glowing green.  This prompted frenzied checking of connections and I established that the battery backup was fine and the diodes were the right way around.  However when I disconnected the data lines the LED went off.  It is not the green LED - I thought it was D2 - but having looked at the board diagram it must be the multicolour LED (because D2 is red).

It is using Shahe scales with V2 firmware and a V2 MSP430.

Has anyone else noticed this?  Does it matter - it seems as though it must shorten battery life.

My other observation is that the display seems to "flash" and change position - too fast to really see what's going on but it might be flashing up an absolute value for a fraction of a second.  Has anyone else noticed that?



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