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Firmware Update
How does one go about updating (flashing) new firmware to a dated board? I installed mine back in 2018 and it looks like there has been an update to the AccuRemote scales. 

I have been having issues with my Z-axis dropping and wonder if the updated firmware could help this before swapping out scales. 

If anyone can help with either updating the firmware or the issue I'm having with the Z-axis it would really be appreciated!

Thank you,
Hi Mtracz, you can find instructions on loading firmware here:

Hope that helps

Thank you for your reply!

I'm going to read, reread, and then reread again. Is it OK if I fire back any questions?

I really enjoy my TouchDRO and would hate for it to do down because I decide to get fancy. 

I was hoping to put a setup on my lathe as well. 

Thanks again for the quick response!!!

Hi Mike,

Happy to try and answer any questions. 

If you're loading the firmware using Windows PowerShell, you will probably need to add a " .\ " at the front of the command.

So the command will be:

.\MSP430Flasher.exe -n Unknown -w "insert_file_name_here.txt" -v -g -z [VCC]


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