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Prime Day Deals?
I've been thinking about a TouchDRO installation for my Millrite mill.  Since today is Amazon Prime day, I thought there might be some especially good deals on the tablet to go with it.

The website posts on what tablet to get seem very out of date.  Does anyone have any current recommendations on what tablet to get?  Anyone seen any particularly good deals today?

At this point pretty much any name-brand tablet will work. Most Chinese tables are OK too, but every once in a while I come across low-end tablets that are missing libraries, fonts, etc.
Thanks much Yuriy,

Is there any concern getting the ad supported version of a Fire tablet?

It makes sense that if you turn off wifi, you won't get served ads all the time, but I'd hate to go down this path and have ads all over my DRO, or a portion of the screen rendered unusable.


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