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Does TouchDRO iGaging Board work with iGaging Dial Indicators
Does the TouchDRO iGaging board work with the iGaging Dial indicators.....?

I.E. - 35-705-10 Absolute Indicator
or the 35-128 Digital Indicator.  Both have USB data outputs.

I'm working on a method to measure filament diameter from an extrusion machine in the X/Y axis and can use the DRO display to watch for +/- .05mm tolerance on a larger display and possibly alarm or tolerance monitoring.  Looking for live display output while the filament is extruding.  There are other methods via Arduino but looking for the larger display of TouchDRO to see it easier.

Thanks for any information.

I haven't tested either of those indicators, but the few I had a chance to test used the 21-bit protocol, which TouchDRO board can handle. The catch is that
1) There is a chance that the power line is not connected, so the scale will need to be powered from the internal battery. This creates a few issues. For instances, the MSP430 chip is a very lowe power MCU, so it will be powered by the miniature current going to the data and clock lines (and will drain the batter)
2) Data and clock signals can be 1.5V , so you will need to have some sort of level translation
Thanks ! ! !. Still investigating options but might use the other small display that does work with your system already. I can find lots of other options that a single but I need 2 axis and also tach/distance to measure the amount extruded.....

So I'm still on the hunt. Your solutions is very Close... Just need to test.

Again thanks for the quick reply.
I do know that the iGaging board works with my iGaging digital mic, if that's any help.
YouTube: FnA-Wright Engineering

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