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New Ti board - no scale
I changed my old damaged MSP430 board for a new one, desoldered a few pins, soldered connectors instead of soldering wires directly to the board ( I did that because I damaged my old board when desoldering the wires).
I only soldered directly the bluetooth board.
I loaded the Mixed scales  firmware successfully into the MSP430 board.
The board appears as HC-06, and has been successfully paired with my tablet.
When powered the Leds staus is as follow : Led0 (PWR) solid green, Led1 (near P1.3 button) flashing slowly, Bluetooth flashing quickly.
When I connect TouchDRO the bluetooth Led becomes solid.
The TouchDRO application shows it is connected, but the digits do not change when I move the scale.
[img][Image: T3WCsnK.jpg][/img]

I tried the other firmwares with no success.
I plugged the scale to the original display and it works normally.
Please help.
I go on investigating...
I downloaded SerialBluetoothTerminal from Playstore and it shows a Bluetooth activity :
08:33:20.592 Connecting to HC-06 ...
08:33:22.787 Connected
08:33:23.015 z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;
08:33:51.505 Disconnected
08:33:46.092 x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;
08:33:51.871 Connecting to HC-06 ...
08:33:48.797 0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;
08:33:52.685 Connected
08:33:52.877 z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;^@x0;y0;z0;w0;
08:34:01.709 Disconnected
08:34:01.707 x0;y0;z
I suppressed many "^@x0;y0;z0;w0;" lines to lighten the post...
So it looks that the Bluetooth board is emitting.
I checked the continuity of my soldering : it's OK.

Did  I say that the scale is a Shahe scale?

How to be sure that the program is well loaded in the 2553 chip ?
I use Windows 10 and I followed the instructions on the "How to upload firmware to MSP430" page of the site with this result :

C:\ti\MSPFlasher_1.3.20>MSP430Flasher.exe -n Unknown -w "DigitalReadout_Universal_V1.0.hex" -v -g -z [VCC]
* -----/|-------------------------------------------------------------------- *
*     / |__                                                                   *
*    /_   /   MSP Flasher v1.3.20                                             *
*      | /                                                                    *
* -----|/-------------------------------------------------------------------- *
* Evaluating triggers...done
* Checking for available FET debuggers:
* Found USB FET @ HID0027:COM4 <- Selected
* Initializing interface @ HID0027:COM4...done
* Checking firmware compatibility:
* FET firmware is up to date.
* Reading FW version...
* Debugger does not support target voltages other than 3000 mV!
* Setting VCC to 3000 mV...done
* Accessing device...done
* Reading device information...
* Warning: Found device does not match -n selection:
- Selected: UNKNOWN
- Found:    MSP430G2xx3
- Continue? (Y/N): y
* Loading file into device...done
* Verifying memory (DigitalReadout_Universal_V1.0.hex)...done
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Arguments   : -n UNKNOWN -w DigitalReadout_Universal_V1.0.hex -v -g -z [VCC]
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Driver      : loaded
* Dll Version : 20409001
* FwVersion   : 30394216
* Interface   : TIUSB
* HwVersion   : E 2.0
* JTAG Mode   : AUTO
* Device      : MSP430G2xx3
* EEM         : Level 1, ClockCntrl 1
* Erase Mode  : ERASE_ALL
* Prog.File   : DigitalReadout_Universal_V1.0.hex
* Verified    : TRUE
* BSL Unlock  : FALSE
* InfoA Access: FALSE
* VCC ON      : 3000 mV
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Starting target code execution...done
* Disconnecting from device...done
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Driver      : closed (No error)
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

It looks normal ....
But who knows ?
I received a replacement Shahe scale today (a 503-300).
I checked it with it's own display : it works.
I plugged it to the MSP430 together with "X" Shahe scale : the digits do not change...
I downloaded "FETPRO430Lite" and checked if there was "something" in the chip : yes there is. Then I let the program compare what's in the chip and the TouchDro program : it's the same "DigitalReadout_Universal_V1.0.txt or hex".
So there is something wrong somewhere with something, but I don't know where to investigate.
I feel lonely...
Hi ThLDQ, have you seen these pin interface instructions:
They are a little different to the connections you are using and perhaps your original board was using an earlier firmware.
Hope this helps.
Hi Yuriy.
As it had worked for my first MSP board I just followed the instructions of the "Build Instructions for MSP430 Launchpad Digital Readout Controller " page. It looks like I missed something somewhere...

If I understand the instructions of the "DRO Interface Pin Functions for MSP430 LaunchPad" page (sorry, but my neuron is a bit slow...), I have to connect :
- P1.2 to the RX pin of the BT board
- Scales X and Y data (green wire) to P2.3 and P2.4
- I'm not sure of where I should connect the scales clocks : P1.7 or P2.0 and P2.1. On my previous board the clock wires were connected to P1.7. On the "DRO Interface Pin Functions for MSP430 LaunchPad" the pins P2.0 P2.1and P2.2 are for iGaging, Bin6, 7BCD and Sylvac scales. Shahe scales are not mentionned.
Thanks for your help

Can you recall if it was the green wires that were connected to the data pins on your old PCB?

The labels on the Launchpad pcb you have are different to mine - do you recall if the bluetooth RX pin was connected to p1.1 or p1.2 on your old pcb?

If we assume it was p1.2 as you have it now then next I would try connecting:

  X data on p2.5 and X clock on p2.0

  Y data on p2.4 and Y clock on p2.1

Test again (make sure the scales are connected before applying the power to the Launchpad pcb).

I have built a mixed scale config using these pin configurations with the mixed scale firmware and it worked well, (it was using generic Chinese scales, not Shahe, but it proved to me the separate clock pins definitely work).

If this still does not work then it might be worth trying the v2.0 firmware from the iGaging section of the Downloads page ( as this is listed as compatible with some Shahe scales, (more info following some of the links on Note: Keep using the separate clock pins with v2.0 as you will see in the note on the TouchDro page that it confirms there is no longer a clock signal on p1.7 with this version of firmware.

Hope this helps.

Did you fix your problem? Can you share what the solution was?
Hi Norman,
I was working hard in my attic and had no time for the MSP.
Yes the green wires were connected to P2.3 and P2.4.
The white wires (clock) were on P1.7.
I will try connecting the way you wrote and will keep you informed (maybe today).
Coming back from my workshop.
I flashed the MSP 430 with the "DigitalReadout_iGaging_2.00.txt".

I connected my "old" Shahe scale on P2.5 and P2.0 : it works.

I connected the "new" Shahe scale on P2.4 and P2.1 : it does not work. (Connected to it's standard display it works !!!!).

Scale X connected to P2.5 and P2.0 it works
Scale Y connected to P2.4 and P2.1 it does not work

Scales inverted : Scale X connected to P2.4 and P2.1 and Scale Y connected to P2.5 and P2.0 all scales work !!! (but of course inverted).

Crazy, no ?

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