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Mixed Scale Kit-No Scale Readout
Hi All, I have connected a M-Sure Vertical Scale to an old style Mixed Scale Kit.
The Scale powers up fine and Bluetooth pairs with the app on my Tablet.
Unfortunately the axis display remains at zero on the tablet.
Any ideas?
Hi Foggie,

I'm no guru but my first question would be do you know if the mixed scale kit ever worked? Do you have an original scale you can connect up to prove it still works?
From there I would:

- Reconnect the new scale before you power up the unit - test again.
- Install Blue Term (from Playstore) and use it to check to see if anything is coming across the Bluetooth interface.
- If nothing is coming across Bluetooth then next I'd be looking at the cable between scale and unit. I've had issues using off the shelf, standard PC usb leads as they can have an extra link at the mini connector end (Google will explain).
- If you're sure all scale connectors are supplying the same voltage then try a different input and test again.
- Then I'd be looking at checking the clock and data connections are correct and matching at both ends.
- After this I think you're into signal tracing on the pcb.

I'm sure others will have other checks to add.

Good luck!

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