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Bolt holes in YZ plane?
(11-10-2016, 12:35 AM)llamatrails Wrote: Hmm, quick hack: swap the cables.


That's clever Smile

(11-04-2016, 07:37 AM)lens42 Wrote: I'm probably the only person asking for this, but hey, why not? I had a large piece (14" long - too much for my limited Z) that needed a hole pattern in the end. I have a right-angle spindle attachment, so I laid the part flat on the table and set up to drill holes using my X feed rather than the quill. It would have been nice to put the hole pattern in TouchDRO, but it looks like it will only let you input a pattern in the XY plane. This time I needed the pattern to be in the ZY plane so I had to use ol' pencil and paper.

There is a good chance it will work better in the next version of the app. I'm still a bit fuzzy about a few things I'm doing, but it looks like the stuff related to points and workspaces will undergo a decent overhaul. I'm adding rotary axis stuff, such as gear cutting. On top of that, I have a good use case for profile milling display on X/Z or Y/Z planes, which means that the graphical view will need to have a way to change the projection.


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