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?? Bug in mixed scale Universal firmware v1.0 when used with generic Chinese scales.
When using v1.0 of the Universal firmware with generic Chinese scales you may lose the ability to display minus (-ve) numbers. I've tried 2 types of unit, (one powered by a 1.5v cell and another powered by a 3v cell), both showed the same issue, i.e. the DRO application shows only positive numbers when the read head is moved either side of zero. Reverting to v0.3 firmware seems to resolve the issue.

I do not know what new functionality/stability might be lost by reverting back to v0.3 firmware.
Good news!! Yuriy has released a v2.0 of the iGaging firmware and it fixes this issue. V2.0 is available from the downloads page.

Yuriy - thanks for pulling this fix together, much appreciated.

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