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Visually Impaired User - Spoken Location? App Software Available Anywhere?
I'm helping someone who's visually impaired set up a DRO that can speak the table location to them.  He purchased a TouchDRO board and asked me to set it up for him.  Unfortunately I've gone through the set up without verifying that it actually would do what it needed:

Will the TouchDRO speak the DRO values? 

I tried the audio button but it just seems to beep continuously when enabled.  I looked around the forum and this seems like an unsolved bug, I'm hoping that I'm missing the feature that will speak/talk the location.  Alternatively does anyone know if there's an Android compatible screen reader that might catch the digits and read them out?  This seems like a one line fix in the software. 

I see there's a variety of talking calipers that have been built over the years, it seems like I might need to go back to the MSP430 code to try to add the talking part there since the code is available - is that app software posted somewhere?

Thanks for reading!
In case this helps someone else out:

The onboard Android accessibility features will speak the digits on the dro, but you need to create an overlay or another way to find them if you can't see (IE: a wood or acrylic cover to prevent you from touching any other areas of the screen and provide a method to track which scale you're reading XYZ).  The annoyances are it only reads when it's touched, after it speaks the number it indicates how to further interact or deselect so it's going to be very tedious to zero in on a value when it takes so long to read each digit.

Definitely room for improvement :-(

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