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Part Layout
(11-04-2016, 02:12 AM)Yuriy Wrote:
(11-03-2016, 06:40 PM)bpk9p4 Wrote: First off amazing job on this.   

I work with a lot of high school students teaching them how to mill and make robot parts for a competition called FIRST robotics.  One of are biggest problems is getting kids to read the prints correctly so i had an ideas for you that would be really cool

1)Be able to upload a CAD drawing so that you could see where your tool is and where it should go.  Basically what you have for hole but with a whole part
2) It would be nice to save the drawing so you could use them again some time

Thank you
The main theme of the next version is the graphical view. It won't do exactly what you described, but should be close:
1. You will be able to add shapes to a workspace (either as G-Code or manually)
2. You will be able to set an image as the background and "calibrate" it by locating three features of known location.

Parsing proper CAD drawings (DWG files, for example) is pretty difficult...

Thank you

wow that sounds great.  I think the image would be just what i wanted.  I am assuming i can just then take my front view with dimensions and load it in.  So that i would have basically my print on the screen?

Do you have a timeline of when this release will be out?

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