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No buetooth

I have just received my touchDRO board (fully assembled not DIY kit) for IGaging type scales.

I also have just installed the touchDRO app on an android tablet.

When I power up the board with a phone charger I see :

 - A rapidly flashing blue led and a slower flashing yellow led

If I then try to connect the app, I do not see any available bluetoth devices. Also, if I monitor for new bluetooth devices using my android phone, no new device shows up if I power up the touchDRO board.

I have tried powering up the TouchDRO both with a X scale connected (accuremote 36") and without a scale connected. The result is always the same : flashing leds, no buetooth device.

What am I missing ?
Can someone point me to a user manual ?
I received the board in an antistatic bag without any documentation or link to go to.


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