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Mill tool offsets in tool library?
I'm trying to figure out how to use the tool library for my mill, and am just... Stumped. I don't know if I'm using it correctly, or what.

So, I enter my first tool, which is my edge finder. Flute diameter is 0.200". Tooth/flute count is 0. Z offset I leave blank, because this tool doesn't find a Z height.

Next tool: 5/16" end mill. Flute diameter 0.3125". Tooth count, 4. Z offset I put 1", though that's kinda arbitrary as I just hold my end mill directly in R8 Collets, so I don't have repeatable Z.

I select the edge finder, and use it. I set tool position as "Front right", as that's where 5he tool is in relation to the work. Find X edge, zero the readout. The readout now reads - 0.1000". Find Y edge, zero, readout now displays 0.1000".

So far, this seems to me as it should be. I know that I can crank the table until X and Y read zero, and my spindle center is directly over the corner of my part. Cool. I just leave it at X-0.1000, Y0. 1000.

So now, I want to use my end mill. Swap that in, and tap on the tool in the app. Front right offset, same as the edge finder. The readouts now display X-0.1563,Y0.1563.

And this is where it all falls apart for me. Unless I'm misinterpreting something with how the tool library works in a mill... Shouldn't the readout display X0.0563, Y-0.0563? The display it gives me makes no sense. I haven't moved the table, so I'm still 0.100" away from the corner of my work in X and Y. The radius of the cutter is 0.0563 larger than the radius of the edge finder. So, the cutter protrudes 0.0563 past my zero point.

Am I missing something here?
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Hm, I can't try this right now (at work...) but this doesn't sound right.
The way offsets work in TouchDRO is as follows:
There is raw position (as received from the scale adapter)
If there is absolute offset (i.e. you set "Absolute Origin" on the axis, the offset is added to the raw position to show the "Absolute" position
If there is incremental offset, it's added to the absolute position to show the incremental position (when a saved point is selected, this is what happens as well, although in a more complicated way)
If there is a tool offset, it is added to the absolute position

absolute position = raw position + absolute origin offset + tool offset
incremental position = if no point selected: absolute position + incremental offset, if point selected: absolute position _ point offset

You are the first person reporting this, but that might just mean that nobody uses the tool library with an edge finder (I didn't even test this use case), so it's plausible that there is a bug somewhere in keeping track what offsets are applied.

Hmm. I don't discount myself doing something incorrectly, or not fully understanding how the functionality works.

I didn't use an absolute position when I was messing around with this earlier... Maybe that's what I'm missing. I'll try again when I get home in the morning.

Thanks, Yuriy.
YouTube: FnA-Wright Engineering
EDIT: I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was WAY overthinking this, and trying to reinvent the wheel. I'll just go ahead and use the tool library how it's intended.
YouTube: FnA-Wright Engineering

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