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W-axis display units
Would it be possible to have the angular display for the W axis read in degrees/minutes/seconds? Or, barring that, add 2 more decimal places to the display? 1 second if arc is 0.000277777 (repeating) degrees, for reference.

I intend to add a 3600ppr rotary encoder to a 90:1 rotary table, with a further 4:1 reduction, which should give 1 arc-second resolution. I know that by driving the encoder with the handle, means I'll have to account for backlash... I don't know of an easier way to get that kind of resolution driving it from the table, unless I can come up with a backlash-free method of achieving a 1000:1 reduction that doesn't take up a ton of space (though that would yield 0.0001 degree, or 0.36 arc-second resolution...)

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