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No Bluetooth connection
Hi all.  Hoping someone can help.

Recieved a DIY TouchDRO kit from Yuriy a couple of days ago and have just finished building it.  Carefully followed the instructions and it was much easier than I thought it would be. I'm particularly happy with the standard of my soldering Smile

I opted to lay the bluetooth board flat and successfully de-soldered the right angle pins, replacing them with the supplied 4 pin header.

I powered it up for the first time this morning but I've immediately hit a problem Sad

Power source is a regulated wall wart  - 7.5V / 600mA
Green PWR LED is illuminated - steady
Green heartbeat LED is flashing - about once per second

Problem - no LED flashing on the bluetooth module and no recognition from my Lenovo E7 tablet.

I've inspected all of the solder joints and can't see any obviously overheated components or dry joints so I'm at a loss.

I know it's a big ask and is difficult without actually seeing the board, but does anyone have any possible idea where I might have gone wrong please?

Many thanks


P.S. forgot to add, it's a kit for IGaging scales.

Edit - just checked and I've got 3.29V at the VCC & GND terminals on the bluetooth board.
This sounds like the module went bad. They some times fail to boot if the board is wet or has flux around the oscillator. One thing you can do is try cleaning the module with some isopropyl alcohol and then try it using a hair drier. That might help. If not,you might need to replace the module. Please email me directly if that is the case.
THank you
Hello Yuriy.  Apologies for pestering you again.

I'll give the isopropyl a try - I guess it's OK to just cut off the protective film to get at the board, but as the board is going into a closed box, will I need to re-wrap it once I'm done?

You mentioned the oscillator and I'm presuming you refer the 26MHz crystal that sits alongside the bluetooth IC?

BTW, just for your info, the kit sat for a week at San Francisco airport after you posted it.  Finally arrived with me Thursday lunchtime after I'd paid the customs.

Many thanks Smile

Hello Yuriy.

You have a PM.


Hello Yuriy

You have another PM.



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