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DIY DRO Kit USB connectors
New arrival here so please forgive me if this problem has been resolved elsewhere. I have tried searching but I can’t see anything obvious.

I’ve recently purchased a DIY DRO Adapter kit and am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival so I can get TouchDRO up & running on my mini mill. In the meantime, I’ve been trying to source some female Micro-B breakout boards to go with the kit and connect my iGaging Digimag Remote scales (purchased from arceurotrade in the UK), but I’m not having much success.

The problem lies with the fact that Yuriy’s board has only four points to connect the female USB’s required for X,Y & Z, identified (according to Yuriy’s documentation) as:


whilst the only breakout boards I can find here in the UK have five connections identified as:


Can anyone point me in the direction of a source for the right connectors please or tell me how to get five into 4?

Many thanks .

If you look at the info for your scales on this page: and follow the link, you will find pin mapping between USB pins and scale lines.
Many thanks for the prompt response Yuriy.  It's greatly appreciated.

I've found the pin mapping on the link you provided and it's explained a great deal.  I should have looked a little bit further  Blush

However, I'm still a little bit puzzled.  Can I ask why only 4 connection points for each of the X,Y,Z on your DIY board when breakout boards carrying the Micro-B female USB's have five connections?  Also, is it possible to get breakout boards with ony 4 connections that would be a straightforward fit to your board?

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to raise any issues here - just curious.  Still looking forward to recieving the kit Smile 

TouchDRO needs only four lines: Vcc, Ground, Data, and Clock (thus 4 input pins). USB can use four or five lines (Id line is used in some cases, but that is out of scope here), so the breakout boards come with five pins. Classic iGaging DigiMag and EZ-View don't need the Id line Absolute scales use a bastardized Mitutoyo protocol, (where the fifth line is used to signal the availability of readout and for the host to request the position) so it needs to be grounded or the scale won't send data. Shahe scales with rectangular display use pinout that is just insane, and Id line is used (you can see the pinout on their page).
If you compare pinouts of the various scales, you will see that straight "plug the breakout boards into the TouchDRO PCB" just wouldn't work, since the mapping is all over the place.
All becomes clear now Smile.  I'll be extra careful to get my pinouts correct.

Many thanks for taking the time & trouble to explain Yuriy. 

Kind regards


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