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using hardwired shahe with diy pro adapter

hope this hasn't been asked before but couldn't find topic. have bought two shahe type dros from aliexpress (link below) which seem to have the cable hardwired to both display and read head. question is can I cut the cables, attach male mini usb connectors and plug them into the pre built wireless diy pro adapter for shahe? if so, detailed instructions would be nice as despite being coder, am crap at actual electronics. would really like to use your hardware and app on my home built cnc machine.


dro link

quick aside:
no link to the store that I can find if you go straight to - makes it difficult to buy things...
Ive been trying to get the pinout for the board over the past week now to hard wire mine. Yuris not answering DMs and hasnt responded to my forum posts.
bit of a tough time for everyone at the moment, so wouldn't worry too much. from skimming threads, yuri seems to have been good responding before, so am sure will get back to you.

again, not interested in having to do much in the line of wiring/soldering/messing around with boards. would like to know if can cut cables on hardwired dro and connect them to mini usb cable with male connector on it. anyone have any ideas?

thanks again
Sorry for not responding. I was on-call at work and it's been insanely busy. Also, this forum is pretty broken right now and I can't get a hold of the hosting company, so I haven't been getting message notifications, etc. My direct email is on the FAQ page; that works pretty well.
It's possible to hard-wire the scales with hard-wired cables. The board for iGaging scales has broken-out through holes for this, so that's pretty easy. The Shahe board doesn't, so it might be easier to get cheap Mini-USB cables and solder them into the reading head instead and plug into the Mini-USB connectors on the board.
You can find pin mapping here: for the scales with Mini-USB connectors. I will try to post info when I get a chance.
Hi Yuriy

Thanks for the response. One last question, and sorry if stupid, but me and electronics...

Found picture of reader pcb in one of your articles ( , and pin mapping in the article you linked above.

Just want to check - would I be correct in saying that
- red: ground (5v usb pin)
- white: 3.3v (d- pin)
- green: clock (d+ pin)

Bit confused about the ID pinout. Black is usually ground which is not connected, and there are only 4 wires, so where does ID/data come from? Is black used for this and no ground wire?

Thanks again for your help
You shouldn't go by the colors. Shahe grabs whatever cheapest cables they can find and the color coding changes all the time. The most reliable way is to use a multimeter and find which wires correspond to which lines.
The scales use 4 wires that are connected to [basically] random USB pins. Remind me, which board do you have?

Thanks for email. Forum is a bit messed up - didn't see any response before sending email. Anyway, don't have board yet but will be getting shahe one very soon regardless. Bought dros from aliexpress before finding your site so didn't get scales with usb connectors Sad Trying to see if can re-use hardwired ones I have but might end up just buying correct ones. In the mean time, I understand about wire colours, but is there any way to tell from pcb in picture which connection does which? Whatever about using random wires, am assuming function of each connection on board stays the same.


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