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Old board need manual/documentation
I purchased the bluetooth board in 2016 along with accuremote scales that have mini b connectors. I have the mini b breakout from Adafruit. Never installed on the last lathe so attempting to install on the new one. 

I tried looking on the website but could not find any documentation on the old stuff. If its not there, may be a good idea to have "archived" section? Looking for power supply requirements.

Here is the page for the old board:
I'm still working on the new site, and will definitely add the details for old models.
For the power supply I would get one that can output between 5V DC and about 7V DC for best performance.
Thank you
Thanks for the link that helped a lot. I was finally able to to test it out after all these years, even 3d printing a housing for it.

I was able to test my Accuremote scales, however the X is always moving and I can't get it to stay. I swapped the scales and it did the same thing. I also swapped the breakout boards and header cables, still the same. I moved them over to Y & Z without issues. I did enable the 5 average value setting in settings. I'm pretty much out of all ideas for process of elimination. It seems its only the X pins on the board whichever its connected to.
I was curious if there's an update to the software since 2016? I downloaded the latest on google play store. This wouldn't be an issue if I could disable the X hardware but it seems it always has to be enabled, even if you rename it. I am using a lathe so this runs into problems with my radius/diameter  Sad . Any thoughts? I have Rev1.1 Bin 1.310 if that is any help. Power supply is 7.5V @ 200mA. I attached a picture of the flickering.

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I had similar trouble and added 0.1uf decoupling capacitors in the read heads on my Shars scales and it made them very stable.  The picture should still be available somewhere here.

I followed your advise and had some various caps delivered. It's still changing in the 3 digits behind the decimal on X. I can plug everything in to a different channel and its okay. Its always in the X. Lastly I tried a lytic on the board too, to no avail  Sad

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If it were me, I would get the oscilloscope out, trace the signal path and look for cracked or poorly soldered components, and see what the signal looks like at the input and output on the buffer. Beyond that, I got nuthin, but maybe Yuriy has.
If you are in the States, you can send the board to me and I can 1) reflash it with the latest firmware and 2) see if there is anything funky going on with he hardware. I haven't seen the board fail with only one axis just acting up, but with electronics you never know.
My retired EE friend with oscilloscope is on lockdown because of Covid19. I don't have much time or any further tools to play with it anymore. I will be happy to send it in. To save time, I did order a new touchdro shahe style the other day but to my understanding the pinouts would be different for my Accuremote scales. If that's the case then ill just solder the cable directly to the scale.

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