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MSP430 I/O Port failure?
Hi All,

I build my MSP430 scale controller, using the excellent instructions.
I used the TI Launchpad for this, and loaded the firmware for glass quadrature scales.
It all works ok for most I/O ports. I already assembled the components in a housing, and connected the scales on my lathe.

However, when using the Y-scale, connected to the P2.1/P2.4 ports, it doesn't. The read-out in the App changes a little in the last digits, similar to when one of the connections is not correct.
I did verify that when using the same wiring from that scale to one of the other inputs, X, Z, etc. , it all works fine.

I wonder whether the P2.1/P2.4 I/O ports on my Launchpad or within the MSP430 are broken.??
Is there any simple program to verify whether these ports are  working? E.g. reading the port for high or low and then blinking a LED???
Or could this be caused by an issue in the firmware?

Thanks for your help,
Hello All,

I am not in a hurry, and I am already using my DRO the last weeks on my lathe, but would anyone have a response to my question on the Port Failure below??

Thanks a lot,
It's possible for I/O ports to fail (I've seen this happen) but it usually just quits altogether. It's unlikely a firmware issue since it's the same binary as the pre-made boards and those work as expected.
I would check for bridges under decent magnification.
Where are you located?
Hi Yuriy,

Thanks for your response and knowledge.
I am located in the Netherlands.. So far away from you I assume.
It could be an error in the launchpad PCB with a bridge , however since this a launchpad board from TI, I would expect it passed their QA testing ... Smile
I did built it into an enclosure and am using the DRO now for my lathe.
I will get it out and check carefully the PCB board .


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