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grounding shielded cables
hello all been working on setting up dro on taig mill. have igaging absolutedro plus scales, the cables are like 6 ft. long,. so ive shorttened them to about 2.5 ft. will solder new connectors on cut off ends. the question i have is the cables have a foil shield around the wires, is this shield grounded ? and should i add a ground to frame at the new ends? thanks james Huh
The foil should be grounded on one end. IF you have an Ohm meter, check the continuity between the foil and the scale's frame. IF you get an "open", ground it on the side where you connect it to the DRO.
hello Yuriy i checked and it is not grounded on the scale side. appears to be a floating shield? im gonna check the cut off end by cutting the connector open to check wire pin out. thanks
hello im not getting a ground reading on either side . the pin out is; 1-red,2-white,3-grn,4-brn.5-blk..4 and 5 should be ground ?
hello got a fresh start at it again today..ran test from foil to black pin-5 and got a is grounded at dro. and not at scale.thanks

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