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Blu Dro interference and dropping connection
I purchased one of the 9v models some time ago and had no end of trouble with interference. I simply could not get stable trustworthy readings and also overheating and shut down problems.
I put some extra caps in the power lead and also a large choke and also drilled some holes in the case and glued a small graphics card fan over the holes and it ran OK
I purchased two more (improved) 5v supply units (one for a spare) and connected it up the unstable readings persist and the unit drops the blue tooth connection after a few hours of work.
I am very disjointed, such a wonderful idea not quite making it.
PaulĀ  Huh
hello that dosent sound good at all, hum
This is not normal. There is nothing on that board that should get hot, or even warm to the touch. Some part must've failed ands is shorting the power supply. You shouldn't need extra capacitors, chokes and most definitely a fan to get a stable reading.
Without having the board it's hard to know what happened, but since you are getting signs of life, I'd speculate that this is either a capacitor that has a micro crack and is intermittently shorting due to moisture, or something is seriously wrong with the BT module.
If you can send the board to me I can try repairing it; it it's a completely goner I will try to work something out with Al to get you a replacement (I sell the board to Al at my cost, so in theory he should be handling the support as well, but I'll figure out how to get this resolved).
Thank you

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