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Stand alone MSP430 chip not working without Launchpad
Hey guys,
   I decided that I wanted to try to make pcb for my TouchDRO system. So I figured the first step would be to breadboard it.

  I took a MSP430G2553 that I flashed using UniFlash and it works perfectly. But when I pull the chip and wire it up on the breadboard it does not work.

  I have successfully echo tested the Bluetooth module and remounted the chip and the scale on the launchpad and they both work. 

  And I am aware of the need for the pullup resistor on the reset pin of the chip.

  My question is... Is there any other tricky reasons the chip might not work in a standalone environment?


ps....I have wired up many of these on both Arduinos and MSP430 Launchpads....So I am fairly positive the scale is wired in correctly.
If you're using my firmware, the chip doesn't need any additional parts besides the RST pin being pulled up.
Do you get any signs of life from the chip? Are your Rx and Tx lines connected correctly? Which firmware are you using?
Also, this is a bit of spoiler alert, but I'm about to order a batch of PCBs for a new version of a DIY kit and will be posting the schmatic, etc. for it within a week or two. This might help you with your PCB.
Do you get any signs of life from the chip?

I don't have anything else connected to it so it is hard to tell. I have taken it out and plugged it back into the launchpad a couple of times just to make sure it still works..

Are your Rx and Tx lines connected correctly?

I have been following your directions for the MSP430 build and it only showed the RX pin going to the p1.2 on the MSP430.

Which firmware are you using?


And I am looking forward to the release of the schematic! Thanks for the heads up and thanks for your help!
Anybody else know what might be up?
There isn't much that can go wrong if the chip is functional. It's likely one of the following:
It's working and you don't know it. Did you try connecting an LED (with a current limiting resistor) to P1.0 (LED1 on the Launchpad)?
Your power supply is bad. The chip needs 3.3V and good ground to work at 16MHz
Your reset pin needs to be "High". Is the pull-up resistor correctly connected and of correct value (10K is a good start)
P1.2 is Tx; it needs to go to Rx on the HC-05 module (not Tx)
Is your HC-05 powered correctly


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