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Can't Connect Blue Tooth

Newcomer to this forum,
I have bought some time ago a TouchDRO adaptor for glass and magnetic scales that I received a few weeks ago.
Now, it's time to use it for my refurbished precision old mill. (Stanko 6T75 from former USSR)

Mounting in a small plastic enclosure worked like a breeze together with a miniature 12VDC power supply.
Firing up ended up with a steady green LED and the Bluetooth blue LED flashing 2 times/second...  Right !
But ... no way to get any detection by any of the following various Bluetooth devices :

- Google Nexus 7 / android 5.1.1 (supposed to work together with TouchDRO)
tried also with following to see if there is better success with detection:

- iphone 8
- iphone 5
- DELL Laptop inspiron running win10 with bluetooth module

Tried several times with power off/on in between.

In case the power supply may generate interferences, I have also powered it through a 9v battery with no success either with the Bluetooth.
In all cases None of the above listed devices could even see the TouchDRO module   Sad
But they all see each other...

Should I suspect a failure of the Bluetooth module ?

In another message from Yuriy, someone was asking for the possibility to  connect the TouchDRO via USB.
The TX/RX/GND signals are available on the connectors but how to connect to the 4 lines of a standard USB cable ?
Should add some other circuitry ?
Could we get a connection schematics ?

Any idea ?

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When you say "steady blue LED", do you mean flashing steadily or stays lit up and doesn't flash?
If you're not even able to pair with the adapter, it has to be a problem with the BT module. I haven't seen any of them fail after being functional, but during testing, I find that around 5% of the modules I get are defective in some way (they usually don't even power-up). They are kind of difficult to replace without hot air rework equipment. It's possible to use the adapter with USB but 1) the BT module has to be disabled (removed) and 2) USB creates more issues than it solves.
Where are you located? My suggestion would be to send the board back to me so I can troubleshoot it and replace any parts that failed?

Many thanks for the super fast answer Smile

When I say "steady lighting" it is for the power green LED.
The Bluetooth LED (the blue one) is flashing rapidly (2 times per second) for long time. For all this time, the module is not discovered by the tablet or any other device I have as explained...
Sometimes after more than 10 minutes atempts the red LED lights on continuously until I cut the power. (for the moment, no scales are connected to the different channels)

To make things easy : I have been (and I am still) senior process engineer in electronic manufacturing for years (more than 30 years spent to push SMT assembly to the limits for mobile phones...). As such, unsoldering and replace any type of component on a printed circuit board has no more secret to me Wink

As I am located in France, sending back the full board will cost a hell (not speaking about the tax for customs clearance...)
If you could send me a replacement Bluetooth module, I could manage it from here as I have all the necessary tools and qualification to make the change...

Let's continue in PM if you agree

Ok, that makes things easier Smile We have a somewhat similar background (although I didn't make it to "Senior" process engineer before switching careers. Started by running MyData Pick-and-place machines, then became process engineer and then switched to software...

So, to confirm:
Green LED - steady on
Amber LED - flashing? (if not, the MCU is not runningl; this is the "heartbeat" LED)
Blue LED - Flashing
Read LED - on and off randomly (this is normal; probe input is floating).

Can you email me directly at yuriy AT touchdro DOT com, please? I need to know your PayPal transaction ID (it has you address attached, etc.).

Thank you
Big Grin 
Hello all,

I finally received this morning the replacement board from Yuriy.
As soon as back from office I started the replacement and .... tadaaaa   [Image: music.png]   ! Works fine now [Image: biggrin.png]

Yuriy,   thank you so much for the great support.

Here after are some pictures from the enclosure together with the power supply and the TouchDRO board.
Everything should be installed on the Stanko mill in the coming weeks.

[Image: vgwt.jpg]
[Image: zz0f.jpg]

[Image: 28iy.jpg]
[Image: pwmm.jpg]
One 200mm glass scale connected to chanel X and the tablet tied to the TouchDRO via Bluetooth.

I'll bring the defective board to my office electronic workshop tomorrow to get it fixed with the replacement Bluetooth module kindly supplied by Yuriy.

Being a previous user of conventional DROs for years... I have no words to explain how I am amazed by the functionalities of the TouchDRO system.

Glad the new board worked for you. Sorry about the first one. Hopefully, you can fix it and put it to some use.
Your setup looks very nice. I'm watching your milling machine restoration thread with interest.

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