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Do-it-yourself DRO Mixed Scale Controller Kit

This question has probably been addressed before on the forum so accept my apologies.   I am wanting to know if the "Do-it-yourself DRO Mixed Scale Controller Kit" is available for purchase.  I have an old Bridgeport Round RAM with J-head and I intend to purchase some of the JING or similar glass scales that I see on EBay for around $50 each and setup TouchDro.  I prefer to build my own board.  Also, thank you for all your work putting Touch DRO together and making it available to hobby folks like me.

Have a great weekend,

Kenny Logsdon
Kenny Logsdon
I don't sell the kit anymore. I had a way too many problems dealing with people screwing up the build and then starting PayPal claims, complaining on various forums, etc. Moreover, the circuit is too slow for quadrature scales. When I get some time I will post a better Duardature circuit (I'm working on a new website and that is one of the things on the "TO-DO" list).

Thank you for the response and I totally understand why you have dropped the kit from your offerings. I think I am going to have a go with building my own voltage shifter controller paired with the LaunchPad.  I am currently working convert your stripboard plan to a PCB by using Fritzing.  Assuming I am successful, would you care if I shared the PCB files with others?

Happy Holiday,

Kenny Logsdon

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