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Acquiring iGaging scales
Hi all.

I am struggling to source compatible scales, I need a 200 / 300mm unit (200 will work but is slightly restrictive) and a 500mm unit.

I have bought a set of Shahe scales from AliExpress before reading about their incompatibility with DIY Arduino controllers, so I will just use this set on my lathe as standalone readouts.

I have re-ordered a 300mm scale from eBay where the photograph shows the older style black screen, hinting this is a no-brand iGaging type scale, however upon arrival it turned out to be the same Shahe type that I had already ordered, so this is being sent back.

Does anyone have a reliable source of the iGaging type scales in the UK? I've sent some messages to sellers on eBay & AliExpress but have heard nothing back yet.

Thanks all!
I was told that nobody gets new stock of unbranded iGaging scales, so you probably won't be able to reliably find them. If you *really* want to use Arduino you will likely need to buy EZ-View scales from iGaging.
That's a shame.

I have no particular affiliation to Arduino other than I already had several nano boards sitting around doing nothing, I figured this would be a good use for them.

I have had some success in getting the Shahe scales working using the TouchDRO application, I just need to play around some more with the firmware to get a better handle on how it should all work together.

I've taken several parts of your original ArduinoDRO sketch and a few other examples of BIN6 protocol reading and glued them together into a somewhat functional mess, but it's only got 1 scale hooked up for now.

For the TouchDRO application, what data is it expecting to be sent? Can it perform protocol identification on the application's side? I'm currently doing a conversion to decimal from the binary input on the Arduino side, but if the app can do this that would save me a few headaches.

While I cannot justify purchasing a full TouchDRO board, do you have any sort of donations page? I'd still like to contribute towards this project.
I sourced my scales for Arduino-TouchDRO from here:

Thanks, I have been able to get the Shahe scales working so no issue.

One iGaging scale + postage from Canada to the UK would be more expensive than a TouchDRO pre-built board so I would be better off using the scales I have currently with the official TouchDRO controller.

Yuriy, I have got rudimentary code for using 2 scales together on Arduino hardware, I don't want to step on your toes with distributing this without your blessing, would you be OK with me putting a 'How-To' guide together?

You don't need my blessing to distribute your work Smile I greatly appreciate people participating in the project, so please feel free to put together the guide and post it iether here or (if you have a site) on your site and link from here.
Thank you
Great, thanks Yuriy!

I'll make a new post about it rather than burying the info in this one.

ATB Smile

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