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TouchDro on a Grizzly G0704 with glass scales
I did get it working again but I never truly figured out what the issue was. They do have bearings in them but only have 3 if my memory is correct and most of the competition has 5. The issue from what I could figure was between a short in the wire or the wires pushing the head out of position as it moved. I messed with it for days and could not narrow it down. I had it back together and it started working consistently again so I stopped messing with it.

I have since sold the system and upgraded to CNC. Still plan on using touch DRO for a table saw fence and the fence on the bandsaw. Touch DRO was awesome to make and use.

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RE: TouchDro on a Grizzly G0704 with glass scales - by MikeAlcocer - 01-18-2017, 07:09 PM

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