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Any way to make a Newall spherosyn adapter
(10-05-2016, 12:24 AM)tomj Wrote: Yes, the sine wave scale encoders, spherosyn SG and microsyn.  I THINK the Newall DSG and DMG encoders are the ones that provide ttl or 1vpp are used with just a cable adapter or simple additional power to work with most popular boxes and would probably be easy to connect to your setup, but these DSG and DMGs are not as plentiful as the Spherosyn SG & microsyn scales with the proprietary sine wave output.  I just found what I think is a more sophisticated conversion box, see
that would (Might?) allow use of the SG sine wave encoders.  Would this box provide a suitable output to use with your unit?

The box provides suitable quadrature output. It looks like it can be configured to output differential or single sided signal. They mention 34C87 chip in the manual, which is a driver that is compatible with the line decoder that the TouchDRO Quadrature controller uses, so you should be fine there. The signal rate looks pretty mellow (round 1KHz). I tested the controller at much higher input speeds, so that shouldn't pose any problems.

P.S. I just checked prices for Newall DROs... Ouch!!!

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