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Any way to make a Newall spherosyn adapter
(10-04-2016, 06:59 PM)tomj Wrote: It would be great to be able to use Newall scale/encoders as they are very robust, popular and show up frequently on Ebay, but they use a unique technology:
There are Newall encoders that are compatible with ttl & quadrature conventions but they are not nearly as common so using the proprietary Newall ones would be great.  Any thoughts?


Are you talking about scales that output two analog sinusoidal waves that are then interpolated to get the position?
Your best bet for that is to look for a used "interpolation box". I'm not entirely sure, but I was told that those boxes are somewhat compatible between different manufacturers. I.e. might be able to use Heidenhain box with Newall scales.
It's highly unlikely that I will design hardware/firmware for those scales, though. I would take hundreds of hours of work and there aren't enough scales on the market to justify it.

Hope this makes sense.
Thank you

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