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Tablet Mount
Anyone have any suggestions for a good mount for tablets in the shop ???
As with so much in life, "it depends", starting with the tablet you're using. I have two 7" Fire tablets, and used a Luxo-style articulated arm with an integrated spring-loaded holder for my lathe, and a tripod adapter plus a short articulated arm on my mill. You will just have to figure out what works for you. Neither one of mine is entirely satisfactory, and I've been thinking of sticking an adhesive Ram Mount ball to the back of a snap-on protective cover that I have and trying to work something up with that.
Mine is a Samsung Galaxy Pro SM-T900 12.2" tablet.
Would love to find an articulating arm mount that would hold it. I've been shopping around, but nothing I find seems to fit the bill. Too small, too big, too short, etc.
Just talking about it last night goaded me into buying some Ram Mount components to try my protective cover suggestion for the mill setup. I'm going to leave the lathe alone for now. I'm going to glue a RAM-B-125BU adapter plate to the back of the snap-on MoKo case that I have and mount it with a RAM-B-201U-C long double socket arm and RAM-B-238U ball on the mill column (to which I'll have to add another 1/4-20 tapped hole). The short camera arm that I'm currently using just screws into a single 1/4-20 hole, and my tablet tripod adapter is slightly too large for the 7" Fire. It should be much more solid with the Ram Mount, and just as adjustable. The old MoKo case has a screen cover too, if I want to use it, but I will probably remove it.

I think you could do something similar with your Samsung. I see a Fintie "Slim Shell" case cover on Amazon that I think would do the trick. I'll probably use some Loctite 380 "Black Max" adhesive to glue the ball adapter plate to my case. That will never come off.
My next articulated mount will be purpose built. Taking cues from the GoPro world of mounting options.

Currently have a modified Armbot Jr 2.0 mounted to the wall beside my mill. I removed the table clamp from it and made my own wall attachment from some scrap. It was holding a Nexus7 just fine. Now it holds an ONN 10" with no issues.
I felt that my previous setup was too flimsy, so I used Ram Mount components to make something more solid.


I glued a RAM-B-125BU plate to my Fire tablet case/cover with Loctite Black Max.  That's never coming off.


I left the cover on the case.

            Here is my mounting solution.

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