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Finding suitable Bluetooth modules for Android v4.1.1
Some time ago I put together a TouchDRO system with AccuRemote scales, TI Launchpad MCU, and a serial Bluetooth module from somewhere!?

This system worked great with my Android tablet running V4.1.1 (kernal 3.0.32-130328).  The problem is that I only purchased one Bluetooth module. I now want to add several more systems to the mix for other machines, and the new Bluetooth modules I bought don't seem to be compatible with Android v4.1.1.  The module that works is marked JY-MCU... the modules that don't work do not have any model number on them, but they won't pair with my tablet.

Does anyone know where I can get modules that are compatible with Android v4.1.1?  I would also like to be able to change the name on the modules from HC-06 (or whatever) to reflect the name of the machine that the module is connected to so that I will know which one to pair to when several are available... to have 3 or 4 modules each named HC-06 would be confusing. Thanks Guys.
Regarding the naming part. I think some bluetooth devices can't be renamed, but you should be able to rename that one. It will be a command like:
AT+NAMExxxxxx Where xxxxxx is the name you want. (There are no spaces in that command.)

Here's some info on doing that:
I haven't seen a HC-06 module that was incompatible with a specific Android version. They all use BlueTooth 2.0 standard, and I'm not aware of any BlueTooth enabled Android devices that can't do 2.0. It could be that the module is defective. What symptoms are you seeing?

To add to marmil's anser, most modern Android tablets let you "rename" a BT device by assigning an alias. TouchDRO displays the alias if one is present (and correctly implemented on the device), so that should work for you.

Marmil and Yuriy, Thank you for the replies...

First, my post was not so much intended to get the Bluetooth modules that I purchased from AliExpress (for $1.74) working, as it was intended to help me find some new modules that would not have the problems I experiences with these.

So you can see exactly what I am talking about, the problem modules can be found at this link:

These modules are actually HC-05, but since the default for HC-05 is to be in the "slave" mode I thought they would work like HC-06. The problem with them is that they do not seem to "pair" with my tablet. The tablet sees the modules (named BT-05) upon search, but when I tap on the module and enter the "pair" pin (123456) the tablet does not do anything, and TouchDRO does not see it in the connect list. Fyi... I know that this is a strange pin for a Bluetooth module... The spec sheet (on AliExpress) shows two pins (123456 and 0123456789) as defaults. I connected a Arduino-uno up to the module as outlined on many web posts and used AT+pin command to verify what the actual pin was, and it returned 123456.. which is good, since my tablet will only allow a max of 6 digits for a pin!

If you check the "overview" spec on AliExpress web page it lists these modules as Bluetooth 4.0 and says they will work with "iPhone/iPAD, IOS6, and Android 4.3 above devices" which is why I assumed that my problem was probably with my tablet running the older V4.1.1 operating system.

From your reply post it appears that maybe I should be looking for a Bluetooth 2.x module to avoid this problem... I think the AliExpress spec sheet did reference this issue further down under the heading "Still use Bluetooth 2.1?", but I didn't understand what they were trying to say!

If my assumption that Bluetooth 2.x modules are what I should be looking for is correct, then that is a good answer to the issues of my post.

Thanks much... Bill
BT 4.0 is backwards compatible with 2.0. Also, I've gone through over thousand HC-06 modules (basically HC-05 with firmware flag locking them into slave mode) and the pin has been 1234. I'd try that just for giggles. These modules are generally very reliable. I think I have less than a dozen that failed the test for various reasons.
There is a chance that what you got are not HC-05s. There are several cheaper modules that are basically garbage. It's trivial to change the BT name to be HC-05, where in reality it's something else.

 Sorry to not have responded before now.. Been busy.  I was not aware that HC-06 modules were really HC-05 locked into slave mode... interesting!  
When I first got the problem modules, I did try both pins 0000 and 1234, and neither worked.. It was then that I connected them to the Arduino and used the AT+PIN command to find out what the programmed pin actually was, and it responded back with "123456", but that didn't work either. So maybe these are some of the "Junk" modules you mentioned. I'll get some others and try them.... Thanks for your help.

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