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Sieg/Optimum scales not working
I have flashed launchpad with quadrature firmware and have Sieg brand magnetic strip and reader. Scope on the launchpad pins shows the reader is outputting the expected quadrature square waves (A and B).  The launchpad produces the expected x0;y0; etc output on the Android device with no scales connected. However, when the scale moves numbers flash very quickly on the display but then go to zero when it stops.  

I note my reader only produces a square wave pulse stream when it is moving.  When stopped the outputs sit at levels of the last output signal. I suspect the firmware may be expecting a continuous square wave stream to drive the interrupts?

Any ideas, information and help would be appreciated.
I have magnetic scales running which initially showed no output on TouchDRO (never tried the scope), the fix was easy.

Bought some Delos quadrature glass and magnetic scales, very good quality but when connecting be aware that 0V and GND on the scale are not the same so you need to connect the board GND to scale 0V to get a reading. No idea what R stands for.

Delos DP9 pins

1 A-
2 0V
3 B-
5 R-
6 A
7 5V
8 B
9 R
Thanks for the reply Kommando. I am confident it is not a simple connection problem as the scope on the launchpad pins shows the expected waveform and the firmware does send numbers to the android while the the reader is moving.

In regard to your system the R connection is almost certainly a pulse signal that is output at fixed distances along the scale.
Hi Bill,

Have you managed to get the Optimum magnetic scales/strip and sensor working?


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