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Let it Shine! Or, how to use Light-Tubes/Light Conductors on the LED's of Boards
Hello everyone,

i am working on an Enclosure for a Quadrature Board, and i want to see the Status
LED's from outside the Box. Well, one way would be to unsolder the SMD LED's
and add connectors to attach remote LED's to the Board, but i am kind of scared
to insert to much heat in the Board and maybe do more harm than good...

So i looked for Light Tubes / Light Conductors / Light Guides and found a company
called Mentor, that manufactures all kinds of stuff in this Genre. They also explain
a lot about how this works and show a huge array of products that can be used.

But i intend to just copy the principles and make my own Light Guides out of 
polycarbonate on my lathe. I will try to make a snap-on mounting for the SMD
LED'S, so that the Light-Tubes can be removed if needed.

So if anyone has done this before, i would really appreciate any ideas,
and, Yuriy, if you could provide the measurements and/or the type of
LED's you use on the Boards, that would be perfect, as i am waiting
for your Board to arrive, and want to get things done as early as possible! Big Grin 

Regards, Arne
PS: Here are some Pics of the Design status:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=8]
I've used clear plastic swizzle sticks with success.

[Image: new-fashion-plastic-swizzle-stir-stick-bar.jpg]

Hey Rick,

this is a really awesome idea for Material Sourcing!!!!
thanks for the Info!

Cheers, Arne

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