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Shahe 5404 USB breakout to Arduino pinouts
Newbie question. I have the new Shahe 5404 DRO's as mentioned in Yuri's post .   I am following Yuriy's "Arduino Basic DRO Controller" guide  and his "Arduino DRO DIY Build Instruction"
The "Arduino Basic DRO controller" shows a circuit diagram with each of the X,Y,Z DRO scales input pins as (e.g. the X scale) X-1, X-2, X-3, X-4.
X-1 goes to the Arduino 3v line
X-4 goes to GND but with a 0.1uF cap between the 3v line and GND
X-2 goes to D2 on the Arduino and is referred to as the "Clock line" in the DIY Build Instructions.
X-3 goes to D3,D4,D5 on the Arduino

My Mini-USB breakout boards have GND, ID,D+, D- VBus as outputs.
GND, VBus and probably D+ (going to D3,D4,D5) are no problem.
But which of the remaining two lines  ID,  D-  would be regarded as the Clock Line?
The Shahe will only work with the MSP430 LaunchPad Mixed Scale DRO Controller.
Can you advice how your shale scales are working with the MSP430 LaunchPad Mixed Scale DRO Controller?  I can't get mine to work, yet the other scales I have work fine.
You need the new firmware but as of yet it has not been released for DIY or old boards purchased before the firmware was released.

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