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Shahe 5404 USB breakout to Arduino pinouts
Newbie question. I have the new Shahe 5404 DRO's as mentioned in Yuri's post .   I am following Yuriy's "Arduino Basic DRO Controller" guide  and his "Arduino DRO DIY Build Instruction"
The "Arduino Basic DRO controller" shows a circuit diagram with each of the X,Y,Z DRO scales input pins as (e.g. the X scale) X-1, X-2, X-3, X-4.
X-1 goes to the Arduino 3v line
X-4 goes to GND but with a 0.1uF cap between the 3v line and GND
X-2 goes to D2 on the Arduino and is referred to as the "Clock line" in the DIY Build Instructions.
X-3 goes to D3,D4,D5 on the Arduino

My Mini-USB breakout boards have GND, ID,D+, D- VBus as outputs.
GND, VBus and probably D+ (going to D3,D4,D5) are no problem.
But which of the remaining two lines  ID,  D-  would be regarded as the Clock Line?
The Shahe will only work with the MSP430 LaunchPad Mixed Scale DRO Controller.

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