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axis inverting on readout
(02-26-2019, 06:41 PM)Gary Wrote: hi , having issues with this DRO and new scales .
when winding the x axis in one direction the readout works fine to about 15mm then starts counting backwards !
any ideas ?
also tghe z axis dosent read its scale at at all ?
but if i plug in a different scale it reads .
so i plugged the scale back into its original reader and its fine !
Getting really confused here HELP !

That sounds like the BIN6 format problem wherein TouchDRO doesn't recognize negative numbers from certain "Cheap Chinese" scales.  It was a problem with the first scales that I tried to use, but I switched to those that Shars sells, which output another format, and everything has been fine.

Yuriy has supposedly fixed it on his new boards but, short of sending our old boards back to him for reprogramming, I don't know what legacy owners can do.  He says that his latest update improves a lot of things, and I'm hoping that he will offer pre-programmed chips to us.  I would be perfectly happy to give him money and swap out my microcontrollers myself, which would mean only a few minutes to be back up and running.

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