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Changing axis order in main display?
Is it possible to change the order the axes are shown in the main display? Rather than X, Y, Z... I'd like to have it be X, Z, Y.

I have 3 scales on my lathe: Saddle, cross slide, and one on my tailstock. If I connect them to the ports labeled for the correct axes, I get the saddle on Z, cross slide on X, and the tailstock on the only one left, which is Y. This leaves me with this on the display:

X: 00.000
Tail: 00.000
Z: 00.000

I want the tailstock displayed on the bottom, so I originally swapped the saddle and tailstock connections, and just renamed the axes (Y to Z, Z to Tail) to get this:

X: 00.000
Z: 00. 000
Tail: 00.000

However, I've started setting up tool offsets, and now I've got a problem... The X-offset is fine, but the Z-offset is associated with the tailstock, rather than the carriage position.

I realize that I can simply swap the Z and Y axes back to the proper connections, but I don't like that the axes are out of order. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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