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Features Overview and comparsion - I would like to help!
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Hello everyone!

i am a bit confused about which kit /DIY-solution has what abilities and what
kind of drawbacks... I think i have understood most, but it is more like fetching
bits and pieces of Information from all over the place... Sorry if it sounds a bit
harsh, no pun intended. I understand that it is a huge workload to develop,
test, document, publish, build and what more comes with such a project!

So i would like to offer some help!

If i could get my hands on the facts, i would get down to create a chart
that shows clearly what each kit or DIY Build is capable of and upload
it here for everyone to see and for everyone to be able to update it.

Maybe it is also useful to include the software versions in this chart,
so that people can decide if they want to stick to an earlier version.

Best regards, Retromachinist

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