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Strange timings in feed rate on axis
I'm building a controller on the ESP32 platform. 

Made some BT classic SPP TouchDRO protocol simulator. 

When I make a fix simulated step size at a fixed update rate the feed rate wobbles in TouchDRO!

I'm updating at less than 24 times/sec and stepping at 100 Counts with 2540CPI for each axis in my code
The timings are in the millisec range (BT serial write might take very small time differences in the ESP)
But the feed rate swings at more than +-10% 
I've noticed that when in "plain" DRO mode the update numbers seems to lag now and then (about 5-6 seconds a small lag)

link to my simulator
I will try to use timer IRQ later to check if there is some code issues on my side 

// David

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