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X axis problem W Quadruature Setup
I installed magnetic scales on my mill today, hooked them up to the board, and went to calibrate.

Everything seemed to start fine- The board paired with my tablet, and I was getting green indicator lights on all of the read heads. When I went to calibrate the X axis, I noticed the read head would intermittently flash red, and stop sending to the DRO. This happened a number of times, and then the bluetooth disconnected and would not reconnect.

I thought that i must have a scale and/or read head problem, so i double checked the installation. Everything seemed fine, but it kept doing the same thing. So, I plugged the Y scale read head (which was working fine) in to the X, and had the same issues. I also tried it with the z scale head, and got the same thing.

I've emailed Yuriy, but does anyone have any suggestions?

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